Moving to the pittsburgh’s, starting at the new office friday, set up apointments with clients and looking for an apartment, did you know its easier to get a office lease than an apartment lease. ironic. Advertisements

startup nation

36/100 = EMDesign, did not get first but there is always 2013 and beyond.   check out the list.

new website

There will be a new website for the EMDesign LLC, you will be able to see what we have to offer in design services, you will be able to acquire pricing charts, marketing products, and everything you need to know about the company.   ps. check out the shop


i was able to connect one of the shops to the blog, will be working on connecting the blog with the shop (so people can easily go back and forth), loving the traffic. tell you buddies,


thankyou for the support, the fans and supporters are the inspiration not only to me but to the community, state, and the nation as a whole.

New Business

EMDesign LLC will now be officially recognized as a Small business by the IRS. 🙂

happy new years

let 2013 be as great as 2012 or even better.