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anyone there.lol Advertisements

family values

http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/02/20/17031901-former-senator-reveals-he-fathered-a-child-with-daughter-of-another-senator?lite=   are republicans going to amend adultery to their family values since so many of them cant commit to their loved ones.

jesse jackson jr

poor guy broke the law and now has to face the consequences.

good news/ bad news

bad news – first week of ads wont arrive, the first week will be the 19th, good news- wont have to worry about lack of costumers. lol


so excited, ads show up tomorow for certain markets.

university of albany/ university of buffalo

Welcome to the common pac. enjoy the items in the store, and check up on the blog.


Cant wait till spring and summer, sleeping in the city will be epic when it gets warmer out.


its so great to be here, the office is great. so much space.